Our Company

The Sphinx Agency Inc. was founded in 1999, to provide public policy and fiscal consultation to businesses, governments, and non-profit agencies servicing urban areas.  We are a Black -owned business, who's business endeavors reflect the communities in which we serve.


Mission Statement


The Sphinx Agency’s mission is to provide quality, individualized financial and business services to those interested in improving urban areas.  Our goal is to provide sound fiscal and accurate information to our customers that will raise the standard of living for urban residents.  


Vision Statement

We are committed to ensuring that urban residents opinions and financial well-being are represented in information that we provide our partners.   We will accomplish this by operating with integrity and honesty.

Our Services

President's Thoughts

"It is now more then ever before important that the opinions and economic conditions of urban areas be examined.  The services we provide is vital in completing this task .  We want our customers to know that there is one reliable source for maintaining fiscal responsibility and accurate gathering of information"

Keith Franklin, President